10 Tips to Manage Holidays with Mental Health

10 tips to manage Holidays with mental healthMay Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! ~Author Unknown

10 tips to manage Holidays with mental health

At this time of year there is a perception that everything should be happy and joyful. Christmas for most can be a time of Stress and can be even more difficult if you are struggling with your Mental Health. Below are 10 tips to manage the holidays with mental health.

  1. Make a budget, people tend to spend more at Christmas. Spend some time doing a budget and try to stick to it.
  2. Make a list of things that need to be done, presents, grocery shopping etc.
  3. Recognising your Stress and acknowledging your feelings. Do you know what your Stress looks like? For most it is when we lose sight of ourselves and find it difficult to have any clarity on our situation. Knowing what your stress looks like will mean you can implement your relaxation techniques. Here are 40 ways to relieve stress today. http://www.stateofmindpsychotherapy.com/40-ways-relieve-stress-today/. When it comes to your feelings acknowledgement of these will be important. Seek help over the Holidays if you need it http://www.mentalhealthireland.ie/need-help-now/
  4. Avoid stressful environments or situations. Seek support from those you trust, maybe have a word you use that signifies you are feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Some situations will not be totally avoidable but allowing yourself a break away from these situations will be important. Take some deep breaths and return only when you are feeling calmer.
  6. Have realistic expectations of family and friends. Christmas does not mean that family and friends will change how they behave and anticipating your response may be a wya for you to manage and enjoy your Holidays as much as possible.
  7. As Christmas is mostly about tradition ask yourself which traditions are most important for you to engage in and avoid the ones that may cause stress or are insignificant to you.
  8. Visit people that make you feel positive. Face to face communication is something that we forget the significance of. Being in someones presence can have a major impact on your mood. If you are not close to friends or family volunteering can be a way of connecting with people over the holiday period.
  9. Keep in touch with family and friends via phone or skype throughout the holidays if it is not possible to see them.
  10. Mind Yourself; I can’t stress this enough (one hour a day for yourself, at least). Over the Holidays self care can suffer, schedule some time for you, it does not have to cost anything, a walk, reading an article. Eat right, control your alcohol consumption sleep and exercise throughout Christmas.





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